All Nations Harvest Ministries International; Kitwe, Zambia
Harvest Community Care and Empowerment Project Harvest Community Care and Empowerment Project

Zambia has one of the highest prevalence rates and levels of unemployment, poverty, HIV/AIDS, corruption and vulnerability in the world. Our nation also faces the health hazards caused by tuberculosis and malaria. These diseases have been the major causes of deaths in our nation. Over 85% of eligible Zambians are estimated to be unemployed. Most of those who are employed do not receive living wages. Over 85% of Zambians live in abject poverty, and approximately 20% of the adult population is estimated to be HIV positive. The poor state of our economy continues to fuel corruption. The majority of our people are vulnerable to food, income and physical insecurities due to the prevailing condition of our economy.

All Nations Harvest Minsitries International The Harvest Community Care and Empowerment Project was formed after identifying the hardships that vulnerable people such as orphans, widows, elderly and non-employed youths go through, and the harm it may cause to them and the nation as a whole. Many of the people who have been getting sick need the love and care from the community. Through our work in the community as a church we found that we needed more than just preaching to help the lives of people. We thought of coming up with a project through which we can identify, care, bring awareness and education, also bring health awareness to the community.

When we considered the rate at which the numbers of orphans, street kids and widows are growing in the community due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, we took the initiative to come up with the project so as to appreciate and supplement the government effort for the great work they are doing. We were also concerned about the sexual activities some of these people engaged themselves into for them to earn a living.

Our target group is the many vulnerable people in the community, including unemployed youths, orphans, other vulnerable children, widows, elderly people who are looking after orphans, the disabled, the illiterate, prostitutes and street children. We are also working with the whole community in the areas of malaria, STD, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS education and awareness.

All Nations Harvest Minsitries International Our mission is to work towards a disease and poverty free community by caring and empowering the vulnerable people. Harvest Child Care provides care to the needy children. Orphans, street children and vulnerable children are reached, helping with shelter, clothing, feeding and education. We run an orphanage called the "Destined to Live the Good Life Orphanage".

Harvest Empowerment helps people to restore their dignity. Many youths and women left as widows with no support for their families end up on drugs or would resort to prostitution to find a living. The goal is to give them skills that can help them earn a living. Transforming their livelihoods by giving them a self supportive and empowered life that gives them diginity. Skills empowerment includes tailoring, knitting, computer skills, carpentry and other practical skills.

All Nations Harvest Minsitries International The Harvest Christian Academy school is raised in the midst of the current crisis. Many children in the communities have no opportunities to be in school. The HIV/AIDS pandemic has left many of these with out anyone to take them to school and also homeless in some cases. Harvest Academy is focused on helping these children attain basic education. Attention is given to the total life of a child, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Currently the school runs in the church building. We trust God to supply so that we can build a school that will meet the childrens needs.
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